New Braunfels ER & Hospital Celebrates Two Years of Exceptional Emergency Care

The hospital without the wait reflects on its achievements and becoming the community’s go-to hospital and ER.

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Tessa Owens 
Director of Marketing

For Immediate Release:

March 1, 2024 (New Braunfels, Texas) – New Braunfels ER & Hospital, the community’s go-to ER & hospital without the wait, celebrated its second anniversary this February.  

Two years ago, New Braunfels ER & Hospital opened its doors with a mission to create a healthcare institution that not only provides exceptional medical care for all but fosters a sense of community, compassion, and innovation through its commitment to providing excellent emergency services with a focus on patient-centered care.

“As we reflect on this milestone, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and pride for what we have achieved together in these two remarkable years. It is a testament to the dedication and hard work of every individual, skilled staff, and patient who has contributed to our success,” said Stephanie Garcia, BSN, RN, Chief Nursing Officer at New Braunfels ER & Hospital.

Over the past few years, New Braunfels ER & Hospital has seen great growth and accomplished the following:

  • Spoken on the Student Health Advisory Council and Mental Health Court Advocacy panel
  • Supported local student athletics and art programs
  • Named official sponsor and ER for a local Pickleball Club
  • Donated hundreds of dollars to various charities such as Britt’s Gift, River City Advocacy, The Humane Society, Acacia Medical Mission, The Blood and Tissue Center, and The Food Bank
  • Hosted various mixers, holiday events, and parades at the facility
  • Named the “preferred in-network partner” for Comal ISD
  • Advocated for the community by employees joining the Leadership of New Braunfels Committee within the New Braunfels Chamber

“Looking ahead, we are excited about the future possibilities. Our commitment to innovation, patient-centered care, and community engagement remains unwavering. We will continue to invest in cutting-edge technology, attract top-tier talent, and collaborate with our community partners to enhance the overall well-being of those we serve,” said Garcia.

The New Braunfels ER & Hospital staff celebrated the momentous occasion with an in-office luncheon to reflect on the year. 

“We’re grateful for the community’s trust in our team of board-certified physicians and staff. We value being a part of this tremendous community and look forward to continuing to provide compassionate, efficient, and affordable emergency care,” said Dr. Scott Knepper, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer at New Braunfels ER & Hospital. 

For more information, contact Tessa Owens, Director of Marketing at New Braunfels ER & Hospital.


Physician-owned and operated, New Braunfels ER & Hospital provides concierge-level emergency care to the local community and surrounding areas. New Braunfels ER & Hospital is open 24/7, 365 days a year, and their team of highly trained medical professionals and board-certified physicians specialize in individualized care without the wait. In addition to Emergency Medical Services, the hospital also provides overnight inpatient care, interventional psychiatry, medical detox, pediatric care, and in-house laboratory and imaging services, including CT, Ultrasound, and X-Ray, with fast results. With hundreds of 5-star reviews, patients experience the difference in compassionate healthcare at New Braunfels ER & Hospital, conveniently located at 3221 Commercial Cir in New Braunfels, Texas.

New Braunfels ER & Hospital is a Nutex Health Inc. affiliated hospital facility. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Nutex Health Inc. (NASDAQ: NUTX) is a physician-led, technology-enabled healthcare services company with approximately 1500 employees nationwide and is partnered with over 800 physicians. Nutex Health, Inc. has two divisions: a Hospital division and a Population Health Management division. The Hospital division currently owns and operates over 20 healthcare facilities in eight different states, equipped with highly trained medical professionals who provide concierge-level care to their communities. The Population Health Management division provides management, administrative and other support services to its affiliated hospitals and physician groups. 


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