Medical Detox

What Is Medical Detox?

You may hear the term “detox” used in a familiar way to describe cleansing the body of unhealthy food. But what is medical detox, and how does it differ from our familiar understanding of the term?

Medical detox refers to ridding the body of toxic addictive substances under the supervision of a team of licensed medical professionals. This team is usually headed by a physician and consists of nurses, clinical staff and therapists. Some facilities utilize advanced practice staff like nurse practitioners or physician assistants to deliver medical care during detoxification.


Highly trained and qualified staff

Our addiction and internal medicine physicians provide the highest quality medical care.


Discreet and Compassionate Care

Our 3 – 5 day medical detox program has specifically been created to minimize withdrawal symptoms and get you back to your life.


Medication Assisted Therapy for Opiates, Alcohol, Benzodiazepines and Kratom

We provide patient-specific regimented detox medications to help clear the patient’s system of drugs or alcohol and keep them medically safe during the initial days of detox.

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Ketamine Infusions

Using cutting edge medications and protocols we are able to greatly ease the symptoms of withdrawal, making treatment easier and accessible.

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After Care Planning

Our team works with you to create a plan for what to do after completing our program.

New Braunfels ER & Hospital offers an all-in-one medical detox service with a board-certified Addiction Medicine specialist on staff. Our multidisciplinary team of board-certified Addiction Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Internal Medicine physicians provides patients with the highest quality medical care. Patients will recover in a comfortable, private, and healing environment, with hotel-like furnishings, personal bathrooms and showers, and amenities such as in-room entertainment (gaming consoles, Netflix, cable TV), a delicious menu of locally catered meals, group lounges, and high-speed WiFi to promote recovery and treatment compliance. As a fully licensed hospital, we manage acute needs beyond 23 hours with our medical inpatient unit when longer stays are needed. Once stabilized and medically cleared, we provide discharge planning and care transition to qualified recovery housing or intense outpatient partners for holistic care. We honor all in-network benefits for emergency services, and we do not balance bill patients for any services rendered. Let us help you or your patients along the journey to an effective and pleasant recovery.


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